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The college library is the main source of information for the academic community. Well furnished digitalized college library is under the INLIBNET project. INFLIBNET provides user id and pass word to users of the library. It facilitates to gather information from e-journals, books and other information which supports research activities.
Biannual Multidisciplinary Journal

The library is fully computerized with UG Section, PG Section and inthe Book Entry Section. Students can check the availability of books in the mainentrance itself.The issue and returnof books is done by a GRANDHA library software using barcode. The library is equipped with database for easy access of books. Details of the existing books in thelibrary, electronic resources etc., are stored n the Digital Library Master Server.The library is equipped with internet connectivity exclusively for the use of students free of cost. The Library starts functioning from thirty minutes before and one and half hours after the class hours so that students can avail more time in the Library. It also works at Lunch time.
Few initiatives of the committee are the following
 Book exhibition is conducted every year
 Provides space to display student articles and book reviews
 Conducts feedback to improve the functioning and resources
 The new arrivals of books in the library are displayed on a rack.
 Vayanavaram: A programme related to reading which also features an interface with an eminent author.
 “INSIGNIA”, the newsletter of the College was initiated by the Committee.
Library Rules
Our College Library and reading room function on all working days from 9.30 a.m to4.30 p.m. It’s functioning is controlled by a Librarian, who is assisted by other staff members.
Rules and Regulations of the Library:
1 Books are issued to students only on producing Identity Card and membership card
2 Books are issued from 9.45 am to 4.30 pm.
3 Books borrowed from the library should be handled safely. The borrower is responsible for this.
4 Books of reference will not be lent out.
5 Books issued to students shall not be retained by them for more than a fortnight from the date of issue or for a shorter period fixed by the Principal. If the due date falls on a holiday or a day on which the library is closed for any reason,the books must be returned on the next working day.
6 In case of failure to return a book on the due date, the student is liable to pay a fine of one rupee per day of delay for each book.
7 If any book is lost or damaged, the borrower will have to replace the book or a fine three times the cost of the book or pay compensation as may be fixed by the Principal.
8 Books must be returned to the library before 12 Noon,
9 A catalogue of all books is available with the librarian.
10 Books once taken from the shelves need not be replaced on the shelves by students themselves; but should be left for arrangement on the table with the instruction “Books to be shelved” (to avoid misplacement of books).
11 The Librarian shall submit to the Principal every month a list of students who have incurred fine during the month, and also a statement of books overdue from students for necessary action.
12 All arrears of library fine due shall be paid by students before they receive their hall tickets for the University Examination or before they receive their Transfer Certificate.
13 Smoking is strictly prohibited in the library.
14 Silence Should Be Maintained In the Library/ Reading Room
15 A display Board enlisting the available journals, magazines and periodicals will be maintained in the reading room every day.
16. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside the library and the campus.

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