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Computer Centre
The main objective of the Centre is to provide opportunities to students to take up add on programs in Computer Languages. There is provision for students for using internet to be on par with the world. This encourages the students to visit educational sites and acquire detailed information on the various topics of their interest. High download speed and quality ensure effective browsing. The computer Centre also provides assistance for the students in their project and assignment works. The computer centre is used by Commerce department for conducting an add on course in Tally.
Audio Visual Facilities
Learning is undoubtedly more effective through visual interactive materials. Though traditional textbook continues to be a major educational resource, the videos and LCD’s are fast becoming an alternative learning tool. The college has all seminar halls and many class rooms enabled with LCD projectors. Many class rooms are equipped with all modern learning facilities like ICT, LCD, VCD and internet on-line access. The campus if wi-fi enabled. Audio visual aids are included in various departments to make the teaching effective.
Photocopying Centre:
Photocopying facility is available in the College.
College Canteen:
The canteen has separate sections for staff and students. Varieties of food are served in the canteen. Meals and snacks are provided at affordable price.. It will be given to a member or a team on quotation basis and lowest bidder if found reliable will have to run the canteen for the stipulated period as given in tender conditions.
The Thalayolaparambu D.B. College Employees Co-operative Society No. K 661
The Society functions for the benefit of the employees of the college. The society issues loans and advances for its members on liberal grounds. It has instituted cash awards for the children of the members who secure top marks in various exams. It conducts a Savings Bank and chits for the benefit of the stakeholders. The society also runs a consumer store to cater to the needs of the staff as well as the students.
The College Employees Co-operative Society Ltd.No. 320
All students are advised to get themselves enrolled as members of the society, and help in the realization of the objectives explained here under to their own obvious advantages. The society runs a book centre in the campus from where students can purchase all the text books and other related books at a concessional rate.
The Objectives of the Society are:
a. The encouragement of thrift and self-help.
b. The purchase of the college utensils and other necessities from general dealers for retail sale to the members and the conduct of departmental business (books/records etc) from time to time as resolved upon by the general body of members.
c. The dissemination of the knowledge of co-operative principles and their realization, as far as practicable.
d. The conducting of such other activities as is incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.
Women’s Waiting Room
The retiring room is meant for the use of Women students only. Entry of men students in to the room is strictly prohibited.

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