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About the department
The department of history started in the year 1965 as part of the pre-degree course. When Political Science degree course started in the year 1972, department of history became a subsidiary department. Initially there were 4 members in the department but owing to the de-linking of pre-degree and retirement of staff now there is only one member in the department. Former faculty members include Mrs: K.S.Syamalakumari Kunjamma, Mr. B. Gopalakrishnan Nair, Mr. P.G.Sasikumar. Mr. S.Vijayakumar (Perunna Vijayan) is presently its only faculty member and head of the department. Eventhough the general library of this college in having a good number of books in history, there is no seperate library for the department.
About the Courses
The B.A. programme in political science includes history as a subsidiary subject and is spread over three years. University examination in subsidiary Historical Roots of the Modern World will be in the second year. Candidates have to secure a minimum of 35%marks for passing the subsidiary subject, History. The department of history intends to make quality education within the reach of common students to develop their latent political awareness and ensure their social compatibility to shoulder the responsibility of later life. Most of the students studying here are from economically weaker sections of the society. We provide effective guidance to them. The programme seeks to develop high level of understanding of one's own past and the different theories regarding the change of modern man from the ancient to the present. This study is necessary to understand how people came to be as they are now. It traces the roots of the development of modern man.
Extension activities
As part of the department extension activities a higher secondary state level essay competition was conducted in connection with Human Rights Day celebrations 2006. The trophy given to the first prize winner was sponsored by the department. The department is also decided to conduct various invited talks and seminars related to history as a regular feature.

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