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The college has a Parent Teacher Association. It works as per the constitution and bye-law issued by the Government.

Constitution of the Parent Teacher Association
1. Name - The name of this Association shall be ‘The Parent Teacher Association D.B. College Thalayolaparambu.
2. Office - The Office of the Association shall be located at the College.
3. Aims and objectives - The aims and objectives of the Association shall be as follows:

      a) To foster and promote good relationship among the members of the staff, students and guardians of the students.
      b) To create in its members a keen interest for the smooth working and the progress of the College and for maintaining good discipline and high academic standards.
      c) To institute scholarships, prizes, medals etc. for benefit of students showing a high proficiency in their studies.
      d) To provide amenities to the students of the college
      a) The parents/guardians of all the students of the college during an academic year shall be eligible to be members of the Association.
      b) Every member shall pay membership @ Rs. 10/- per annum.
      c) When a student is removed from the rolls of the college the parent/ guardian of the student shall ipsofacto ceases to be a member of the Association.
      d) The Principal and the other members of the Teaching Staff shall ipsofacto be members of the Association.
      e) The activities of the Association are guided by the Executive committee as approved by the general body.
      f) The PTA will collect donations from guardians & public

Present Members
1. Dr.R.Jayapal (President)
2. Dr.Remalekshmi Poduval (Secretary)
3. Smt. Asa G Menon (Teacher Representive)
4. Dr.Maya P Nair (Teacher Representive)
5. Dr.S Lalimol (Teacher Representive)
6. Smt Raji (Parent B.Com student)

Principal Message

Dr.R. Jayapal



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