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Enrolment in the National Cadet Corps is for able-bodied students of the college except those studying in postgraduate classes.

Attendance in the N.C.C. will be given due weightage and progress shown there will count for the session marks awarded to the students. The progress certificate of students who fail to put in the required percentage of attendance in the N.C.C. will not be sent up for the University Examination.

A minimum of percent of attendance at N.C.C. parade is compulsory. Those who do not have the minimum attendance in the N.C.C. parades/ classes will not be allowed to sit for the University examinations unless they obtain previous exemption from the University.

Aim:- The aims of the N.C.C. are (1) To develop character, commandership, the ideal of service and capacity for leadership in the young men and women. (2) To stimulate their interest in the defence of the country. (3) To build up a potential reserve of officers to enable the armed forces to expand rapidly in a national emergency.

Enrolment- Applications for enrolment will be called for by the N.C.C. Officer of the units at the beginning of the academic year.

Training:- The cadets enrolled will undergo a minimum of 6 hours service training per week and attend an annual training camp of 10 days duration.

Examination:- Cadets who have the required attendance to their credit and have shown sufficient progress can appear for B & C Certificate examinations conducted by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India at the end of the second and third year of training respectively. Cadets will have no liability to render active service but those who pass B and C certificate examinations will be given preference for joining the armed forces. NCC training will be treated as additional qualification while making recruitments to Public Service.

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