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College Union
The College Union comprises all students of the college. Those who are on the rolls at the time of the election have the right to vote and contest in the elections of the College Union in compliance with University orders.
The main objective of College Union is to train the students of the college in the duties and rights of citizenship. Besides, it promotes opportunities for their development by organizing debates, seminars, workshops, tours and such other programmes. The College Union is expected to organize sports, cultural and recreational programmes too.
The Union Executive Committee consists of the Honorary Treasurer, Staff advisor, Chairman of the College Union, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Arts Club Secretary, Chief Student Editor, two University Union Councilors, one elected representative each from IDC, IIDC, III DC, I PG, II PG and two Lady Representatives elected by and from among themselves.
There are various subordinate associations under the College Union, based on the students’ optional subjects. The office-bearers of these associations will be elected by the students of faculties concerned.
The Principal is the ex-officio Treasurer and Patron of the College Union. Expenses for the activities of the College Union require the prior sanction of the Union Executive except in emergencies.

University Union-Current Office Bearers
Chairman Sibin V S
Vice Chairman Sreelakshmi V M
General Secretery Akash S
Arts Club Secretary Jayjith
Magazine Editor Nithin E C
University Union Councilor Arjun Babu
University Union Councilor Nithin V M
Lady Representative Vishnu Priya, Bhagyalakshmi
1st year Student Representative Amal Raj
2nd year Student Representative Amal Nath
3rd year Student Representative Maria
Association Secretaries
Association Secretary
Botany Sanoj
Chemistry Akshay V
English Vishnu
Hindi Maya
Malayalam Sachin
Mathematics Kiran Unni
Physics Gayatri
Politics Silas

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