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National Service Scheme is a noble experiment in the academic sphere. It inculcates the spirit of voluntary work among the students and teachers through sustained community interactions.

Membership: - Membership in N.S.S. organization is voluntary, strictly on selective basis and is open for both boys and girls. Each student is subject to its discipline and code of behaviour. Every student attending the N.S.S. will be required to work the minimum of time equivalent to 120 hours each academic year. Those who complete 240 hours of work in 2 years and also attend a 10 day camp are eligible to get a certificate and grace grade points from the University.

Application:- Application for enrolment will be called for by the Programme Officer of the Unit at the beginning of each academic year.
Membership in N.S.S. and a certificate to that effect from the University will be treated as additional qualification for admission in higher studies and recruitments to public service/jobs.

Current Program officers:Asish Martin Tom, Jayasree S K
Name of College: Devaswom Board College, Thalayolaparambu
Unit No.: KL05/013
The activities of the NSS unit of the college for the academic year started with the campaign for inducting the first year students. A total of 141 students were enrolled and an Orientation Camp was held on 24th September 2016 (NSS Day). All volunteers took an oath and pledged their allegiance to the society. Two Volunteer Secretaries, Amal R and Sibin VS attended the Volunteer Secretary Camp at BK College Amalagiri in June 2016. During the X’Mas holidays, the NSS volunteers conducted a hygiene survey at Neendoor panchayath. The volunteers were also instrumental in spreading legal awareness as part of the “LOVE KOTTAYAM” mission. Seven day Special Camp was held at Govt UP School Keechery from 23rd-29th January 2017. The major projects undertaken was spreading digital awareness among the community, organic farming initative, krishi survey and health survey. Two volunteers took part at the Intercollegiate camp at Devamata College, Kuruvilangad and also 40 female volunteers took part in the women empowerment at Kottayam on February 17-18th 2017. Around 38 NSS volunteers donated blood. Apart from these, major day celebrations like National Youth Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanthi were all celebrated.

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