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The department of Mathematics started functioning in the year 1965. It became a Degree Department in 1981 with Statistics and Physics as subsidiaries and subsequently a Post Graduate Department in 1993. The department offers complementary courses to B.Sc Chemistry and Physics. It also offers open course to all other departments. The department is equipped with a computer lab which is easily accessible for the students of the department. At the Degree level the department cultivates a mathematical temperament among the various Science departments as Mathematics is the language of Science. The department is getting free books from National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM) for the last 10 years. These books are mainly used for the project works of PG students. The department in collaboration with its vibrant Alumni Association organises collegiate and inter-collegiate seminars, workshops, lectures etc for the benefit of the student community and the public. Most of our alumni members are working in the neighboring schools and colleges. Every year students of this department secures high grade in the UG and PG examinations. Last year the department started coaching classes for UGC NET examination. One of our student cleared UGC JRF examination held at June 2016.



Designation Qualification Profile
Asa G Menon Associate Professor M.Sc B.Ed M.Phil Click here
Liny Mariam Mathew Assistant Professor

M.Sc M.Phil, NET

Click here

Unni M S

Assistant Professor

M.Sc , NET

Click here

Balaji M N

Assistant Professor

M.Sc B.Ed M.Phil, NET

Click Here
Dalus Augusine Guest Lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed Click Here

Anu V

Guest Lecturer

M.Sc, B.Ed

Click Here



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